Students Needs for Successful Learning

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Running head: SUCCESSFUL LEARNING Students Needs for Successful Learning Deepali Shishodia GCU Reading Strategies Middle and Secondary School SED 552 Prof Frederic White November 11, 2007 Abstract Learning occurs most rapidly and effectively when new concepts and information build up on what is already know. The easiest way to gain and hold students; interest and attention is by engaging them in intellectually rich activities that require problem solving, language interactions, and active participation. Divergent thinking, the search for many solutions occurs as students brainstorm possibilities. This is followed by convergent thinking, the search for the best solution through the process of evaluating and judgment, the hallmarks of critical thinking (Russell, 1956). Students Needs for Successful Learning Reading Attitude I have received a mixed response from students. They all like to read books of their level and are always curious to find the meanings of new words they come across. Students of grade 6, 7 and 8 like to read chapter books which have some characters to think and write about. Grade 10, 11 and 12 students whether it is a boy or a girl, liked and sometimes forced to read essays and course related material to improve on their essays. The secondary students strongly agreed that to learn new vocabulary a person has to read a lot and for this purpose it is very necessary to become a member of public libraries where they can find variety of books like fiction, non-fiction, historic, drama, classical, sports, cars etc. They agreed that to comprehend whatever they read, they have to be good readers and should have good vocabulary too. They agreed that in the beginning years of their school, it is not very easy to read

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