Students Decisions Essay

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How does the college experience/environment contribute to a student’s decision making process? There are many different obstacles that students have to overcome when dealing with the college experience/environment. This process can be very difficult to a lot of students that have never been out on their own before. All of the luxuries from home that may have been taken for granted are now suddenly not available to the young adults. This change can alter the way that a student lives his or her life. If a student goes away to college and is out on their own to make their own decisions than that student’s decision making process is influenced by the college experience and environment. The first and very important obstacle that students have to deal with is being away from home. For many students this is the first time that they are out on their own, and have to make decisions on their own. This experience alone can be very overwhelming to many. Freedom to do anything you please being new to most young adults can have bad influences on students. With no one to tell you what to do and having no rules kids may go over the top. For example, at home most kids have a time that they have to be home by. However at college that rule doesn’t have to be followed because there is no one to enforce it and if you break that rule you won’t be punished to learn your lesson. Having no discipline often leads to bad habits and usually has affects on your decision making process. Another obstacle that students have to deal with is the night life at their particular college. Although most colleges are different when it comes to where the majority of the kids go out and “party” it is relatively the same at every college. I would say that most kids that go to college “party” more while they are away than they ever did while they were home. Being exposed to this new environment can also
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