Students Are To Blame For EducationS Failure

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In the selection read, it was stated that education in the United States is failing. The author, Stanley Thompson Jr., covers a wide range of reasons why, from attitudes in students to social status. The argued issue is that students are the reason for this decrease. It must be true; Thompson is in tenth grade himself. I also believe that mainly, students are at fault for this failure. The teachers are the easy ones to blame. They are thought to be responsible for the students education, when the student has full control over what he/she decides to listen to, absorb, and work on. Teacher’s aren’t baby sitters. They are there to do their job, and to make sure you walk out of the door with more knowledge than you did when you walked in. If you don’t, it’s not anyone's fault but yours, because you have the power to decide how much you want to succeed. One of the main issues Thompson covered was the willingness of students. Nowadays, most people of comfortable with getting by, and no more. It’s easiest to do average work and pass with a “C” than do do your best and pass with an ”A.” That’s the typical student’s mindset. Often times grades are complained about. You decide your grade; the teacher writes it down. Think about it. Society doesn’t help this matter at all. It’s “cool” to be dumb and get bad grades, yet it’s “lame” to work hard and get good grades. Your stereotypical loser is the smart, tall and thin type, and your stereotypical jock is the ignorant jerk. The media often portrays this image. Many T.V. shows have their scrawny, brainy nerd, and their big clueless athlete. These stereotypes are almost becoming realities, and succeeding in school “isn’t the right thing to do” in modern day times. “In America,” Thompson states, “a love for learning is lacked, and most that seek knowledge will be socially unaccepted.” There has to be a way for this to change,

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