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School doesn't have much money to support the poor students as you said. The school has not much scholarship for more than 100 students per school. In our world, students is responsible for their own problems and things. The school can help some of their things, but not all not the family financial problems, so students still have to find job by their own. Footballer should not be in college? They can't have right to get others education beside their talent to play football??? They may want to learn other subjects in college, but not all. so they still miss some classes. I talk in general, not always in college. Many school want to save money, so they hired some unqualified teachers that paid low salary. Some of these teachers still have in many schools. Anyway, your arguments are not always correct. Kid skip school, so they should be penalized. But it doesn't always mean kid skip school to do bad things, so kids should not be penalized. We can give them advice not penalized them. Costs school tax doesn't affect to the school's destiny. When student enrolled, they have to pay the full course. Even he or she doesn't come to study, but the school get money already. Nothing that Costs school tax will affect the school. I still believe 'Students should not be penalized for missing classes'. Finally, i am very happy and i feel interested with the arguments that we have made in this debate. I thank you again for The_Master that spent time debating with me. I hope we will have more chances discussing about other motions

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