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English speaking Draft- Teacher’s copy Good morning everyone, today, my speech topic is going to be “Why I think Japan is Awesome.” I’ve been to many countries, but never been to Japan. Although I’ve only heard of it from other people, I fell in love with the country. Because many people, like my family say, “it’s nice, but not a good living environment”, I sometimes doubt the country it’s self. But this country will always be favorite place in the world. Most people will only recognize Japan as a country of art, and many electronic creations. But there’s more to it than just that. Reasons why Japan is awesome. Number one: I agree, the art is the main reason I got so into Japan, but you see, their style of art is very different, that’s what makes it so unique. The drawings and story lines for all the Manga and Anime, which are basically the comics and cartoons of Japan, are all really “out there”. The imagination level the Japanese have is truly amazing. And they’re talents as well. Because of this, I have been addicted to everything Japan related for the past year and a half. I literally fell in love with the country itself. Number Two: the traditions, I love the traditions in Japan, like how in the old days, people would live in those houses with those slidey doors, and wooden floors. Also how during the winter, family members would gather around the table with a blanket on top and a heater under the table, known as a kotatsu, if I’m not mistaken, and eat hot pot together. Number three: The food. Although I do not particularly like to eat Asian food, Japanese food is probably the only exception. They have many local foods which are now quite popular around the world, but I doubt you’d be able to find a taiyaki stand in Malaysia. Tayaki is basically a fish shaped soft bread like texture with fillings like red bean, or chocolate. I’ve had something similar,
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