Student's Rights Essay

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Essay Outline I. INTRODUCTION: Thesis: All universities have something unique they offer to students in the form of rights and sometimes these rights are granted to students in the appearance of unique services. II. BODY PARAGRAPH 1: Opening Sentence – There are 3 main things that cover ADU's academic support in trems of rights. Supporting Detail 1: Makeup exams given to students who miss their exam/ there is a list of circumstances that entitle students/ university is sensitive towards other special circumstances that are not mentioned. Ex. My business law makeup exam Supporting Detail 2: grade appeal - a powerful right given to students/ if student feels he/she deserves more/ the exam paper is revaluated by another instructor/the student will only succeed if the new grade is well deserved. Ex. My friend who got a B+ from a B in Managerial Finance Supporting Detail 3: Opening new sections and courses – last semester/ course either full or not available/ gather students with same issue and request a new section or course to be open/ very convenient/ student does not have to spend an extra semester just for the sake of one course. III. BODY PARAGRAPH II: Opening Sentence – Unlike most European universities, ADU grants it's students the right to choose courses based on their personal convenience in terms of timings, Instructors and fees. Supporting Detail 1: Students like the sense of responsibility/decision making. Not in high school anymore/ some people like evening classes, some like morning. students not forced to take timings that do not prefer. Supporting Detail 2: Students can choose their favourite instructors/ choose instructors who's teaching style is most prefered/ all students have different learning styles. Supporting Detail 3: students can adjust the number of courses they take with their financial budget/ they can even try to

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