Student's Nightlife Scene Essay

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HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT’S NIGHTLIFE SCENE CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Of Study Nightlife, it’s a condition where social activities or entertainment available at night in a town or city. But sometimes, it also means = Going out, having a good time, partying, hang out, and some other negative stuffs like Drugs, alcohol, and free sex. It has been a usual thing in some cities, it even might be a culture. As the world globalize, of course Indonesia got the effects too. Some places such as Clubs, lounges, bars, until te prostitution hotels are spreading around, including in Jakarta. Some areas have so much those kinds of places, mostly in Kota, Kemang, Senayan, Thamrin, Sudirman, and Jaksa street. Places like that are the most visited places every weekends, everyone has a different reason, whether they just go to have fun, to have some drinks, to gather with friends, to refresh their minds, to party, or some other private reasons. Unfortunately, the ones who visit them are not adult, I guess I can say, teenagers (mostly from senior high – college students ) . It’s okay if they go to clubs some nights to hang out, or maybe to attend an event, but on that age, that’s when they have a lot of curiosity, Because mostly in every clubs, minimum age to enter is not a big deal anymore, it doesn’t really matter how hold you are, you can have fake IDs, you can pay more and do more ways to get in. The fact is, teenagers nowadays are out of control. But it’s obvious that they have reasons why they got in to this kind of night life , how they got started, how they enjoy their night activities, and of course what’s the effect of nightlife to their life, or is there any benefit from that.? I will also find out how to avoid and do more important stuffs than getting in to social night life. And this time I pick this topic for the research because teenage night life scene is

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