Student's Motivation Essay

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TOPIC:STUDENT’S MOTIVATION IN SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING The question on many language teachers’ minds is why are there some students who want to learn while others show no inclination whatsoever. For the last 50 years, linguists have been trying to answer this question by determining what motivational factors encourage an individual to learn a foreign language. Motivation apparently is a vital component to learn an L2 and some consider it one of the most essential factors for learning a foreign language. “Without sufficient motivation,even individuals with the most remarkable abilities cannot accomplish long-term goals” (Dornyei, 1998:117). Therefore, the question has moved from whether motivation is a key factor for learning a foreign language to what creates motivation and how teachers can nurture it in their students and classrooms. In this paper, I will be examining some of the main ideas that have been researched and argued in the field of motivation, the current views of motivational factors that contribute to learning a foreign language and how these ideas have common characteristics. Finally, through such factors, I will talk about the teacher’s role in implementing motivation is and what teachers can do to improve levels of motivation in their students. Throughout the last 50 years there have been three major stages of motivational research. Dornyei categorizes them as The Social Psychological period (1959 – 1990), where the idea of integrative and instrumental motivation was labeled. The Cognitive-Situated period (during the 1990s), in which self-determination and self-confidence were introduced, and New Approaches (past decade), that examines the idea of “possible selves” (2009:16 – 17). The Social Psychological period was engulfed by the early work of Robert Gardner and Wallace Lambert (1959, 1972 in Clement etal., 1994), who proposed a broad

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