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Leon Bruiners 1101164 The Impact of Record Keeping on Nurses Accountability Summary There is increasing evidence to suggest that record keeping have a direct impact on the nurse’s accountability. Demanding compensations in our days is perceived as a way of holding public services to account. According to Furedi and Bristow (2012) research shows that the National Health Service (NHS) Litigation Authority estimated the total of potential liabilities for clinical negligence, to £16.6 billion. Furedi and Bristow (2012) sated that the increased fear of litigations is extremely damaging for professionals such as nurses, as it will destroy professional autonomy, impair innovation and will lead to bigger bureaucracy due to defensiveness in practice. In order to minimise the legal impact that poor record keeping will have on nurses, a variety of methods have been developed to raise awareness and make improvements. These include written materials and teaching sessions. While the efforts were well received, not much emphasis has been put on the effectiveness of the methods. Further more the reviews highlighted that the methods used should be based on the type of environment and medical needs rather then it being uniformly administered. The aim of this literature review is to explore the value of the accountability in record keeping underpinning practice, to identify the scope for improvement by applying the concepts of quality assurance, service evaluation and research findings in care delivery. A clear question was identified. Why are nurses failing to be accountable in record keeping despite policies, guidelines and legislation being in place? The answer to this question will be achieved by conducting a systematic critiquing literature review using the Caldwell (2005) critiquing tool. The focus will be on standardised record keeping, accountability and examining
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