Student Used Spyware To Steal Passwords, Change Gr Essay

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Title: Student used spyware to steal passwords, change grades. Author: Robert McMillian Date Published: March 22, 2011 URL: Summary: Omar Kahan, of Coto de Caza, California and Tanvir Sing, former Orange County California high school students plead guilty to installing spyware on school computers in order to change their grades and boost their GPA’s. The teens installed spyware on several of the schools administrators’ computers in order to obtain their passwords. Once the passwords were obtained, the teens then proceeded to change their grades in English, Spanish and calculus. In addition to changing their grades, the teens also changed the grades of 12 other students. According to the DA’s office, Omar Kahan also broke into the assistant principal’s office in an attempt to destroy evidence which would show that he cheated on a statistics test. He also changed his transcript grades on April 21st and requested certified copies so that he could appeal the rejection letters he’d received from three universities. On May 19th, Kahn and Sing broke into the school and stole an English test. Khan is scheduled to be sentenced on August 26th. As opposed to a 38 year maximum sentence in prison, he is looking at about 30 days in jail along with 500 hours of community service. He will also have to pay about $15,000 in restitution. Social Impact: The two students used spyware software to hack into the schools database. Not only were they able to change their grades, they were also able to change the grades of others. By installing this software, they gained access to information that is deemed personal, which in turn compromised the privacy and confidentiality of those records. Commentary: I feel that in addition to the punishments being set

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