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Student Survival Guide The Following Student Survival Guide should help as you continue to further your online education through Axia College, University of Phoenix. The topics listed in this document should help eliminate any problems that should arise as you continue through your classes. Refer to this guide any time that you are frustrated and it should help get you back on track. Using the University of Phoenix, Axia College Educational Resources is a great tool. My recommendation would be to download each course syllabus and calendar at the start of each nine weeks. I would then advise downloading all reading material to a portable PDA or Ipod. Having reading material stored in a portable unit will help fill wasted time periods such as waiting in a traffic jam or at a doctors office. The best way that you learn is by doing. Regularly navigating the Online University Library will make using it second nature. To find key information with an article or reading assignment, remember to use the Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review, (SQ3R) technique. You should use this skimming technique as a frame work to building your study and reading habits. These tools will assist with the fundamental mechanics of your online courses. Academic Honesty has to maintain a high priority for all University of Phoenix students. Plagiarism is unlawful and could result in failing an assignment, course, or even result in expulsion from the University of Phoenix, (UOP). For up to date information on UOP policies on academic honestly and plagiarism, you should read the most recent and up to date Student Catalog. To avoid academic dishonesty and plagiarism, you should always submit papers to the UOP Center for Writing Excellence. You should also be sure to include all of the sources where you obtained your information. Clearly citing references is the best tool you

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