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This student survival guide is made to help me be successful in every class that I am scheduled to take at Axia College. This survival guide contains information learned in the class Skills for Learning in an information Age (Gen105). There are six major parts to this guide they are: the educational resources, maintaining academic honesty, ways to set and achieve goals, how to manage time wisely, reading and comprehension retention strategies, and applying personality and learning styles. The Educational Resources In Skills for Learning in an Information Age I learned about using the different educational resources Axia offers. This class showed me that many of the course resources have been made available in digital and web-based formats. With this I am able to download many of the audio appendixes to my desk top, or to any compatible portable device so I will be able to listen to them on the go when I do not have time to sit at the computer and listen to them. The university library is another excellent educational resource that is available to students. The university library resembles a traditional library only it is in digital form. You can search for books, articles, and articles that have been peer-reviewed. You can also conduct research using one of the major article databases which include EBSCOhost, Gale PowerSearch, or ProQuest. At the library you also have the option to ask a librarian if you have any question. The library also contains a resource call The Center for Writing Excellence here I can submit papers to be checked for grammar, and spelling errors if any were found it will give suggestions on how to fix the papers so they look and sound more professional. The center also contains a plagiarism checker which check’s to see if any part of the papers has been copied from another source. If for some reason something was copied from

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