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COMPREHENSIVE RESUME BELONGING TO: Identification Number: DATE OF BIRTH: 21 / AUG. / 1927 DAY MONTH YEAR DATE: 07 –07-2004 DOCUMENTATION: • • • • • • • Please provide us with all the described materials and/or certifications of their authenticity. (In case you do not have them, attach registration number, telephone or any other data that may allow us to confirm such authenticity). This résumé shall be completed to A.I.U 's full satisfaction. Each of entries in the retrospective and current sections requires the attachment of authentication documents. If needed, add additional sheets and indicate what section they belong to. Please submit scan documents (X) in your Portfolio through your Student Section. Current information covers the last six months. The prospective information should include the rest of your expected life. 1. HIGH-SCHOOL / COLLEGE LEVEL PROSPECTIVE ORGANIZATIONS Atlantic International University CURRENT ORGANIZATIONS RETROSPECTIVE HIGH-SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES Doct DATE MONTH-YEAR Atlantic International University DATE MONTH-YEAR LEVEL 06 10 X 2004 DATE MONTH-YEAR X LEVEL Masters CREDITS 1. Secondary School leaving certificate March 1941 2 Intermediate Examination (Arts. & Science) March 1943 X 1st class 3 B.Sc. (Hons) (Chemical Technology) June 1946 X 1st class 4 M.Sc.(Tech) (Chemical Engineering) June 1947 X 2nd class C:\Documents and Settings\Jose Mercado\Desktop\1st. Phase English\Example. Comprehensive Resume.doc 2005 2. BUSINESS, TECHNICAL, MILITARY, TRAINING COURSES, OTHER SCHOOLS PROSPECTIVE ORGANIZATION CAREER /SUBJECT/ ACTIVITY DATE MONTH-YEAR CURRENT ORGANIZATION CAREER /SUBJECT/ ACTIVITY Own Laboratory Research DATE MONTH-YEAR 01 2004 X LEVEL

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