Why Should We Wear Uniforms

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Whenever you go to school do you feel tired of wearing the same thing everyday?I know that feeling everyday and I am getting tired of it. Most schools around the world are changing their appearence and getting their students to wear uniforms. We shouldn't be told what to wear. We should wear what we want to wear. No uniforms! Teenagers, these days, have such a great sense of their own unique style and they should be able to show this but, schools are making us wear uniforms. How are we, as students, going to express our style? Some of my friends say that the school uniforms make them uncomfortable and aggitated. Some of my friends say they look fat or the colors don't look so great on them. I mean if we have to wear uniforms at least…show more content…
At my school, we have to wear a white polo shirt and a blue/green plaid skirt (for girls, guys wear baige pants). I mean, yes, we added a button up oxford shirt and a tie this year but, what girl wants to wear a tie? Plus, we have to wear certain color shoes. Why does it matter what kind of color shoes you wear. My friends are getting sick and tired of wearing the same clothing every year. Are there some students who like uniforms? Yes, some think it is faster in the morning. It is true, I agree but, should that mean that the school should tell us what to wear? I don't think so. If students have to wear uniforms, why don't teachers? Yes, they say they had their moments in high school but they work on campus, and they are part of the student body, so they should wear them. We, as students, shouldn't be forced to be anti-individualistic. It violates our first ammendment rights and it is communistic. We are doing our jobs as students by being forced to go to school and using the schools resources for learning materials. We should at least wear our own certain clothing. Uniforms are against our freedom of expression. It is said the way a person dresses reflects a way a person acts or speaks, by taking away our own rights of clothing is basically taking away our own freedom of speech (we had no matter in the saying). I know there are a many petitions out there going against schools banning uniforms and I completely agree with each and everyone of

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