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Student Services Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 Volume 1 || Issue 1 || February 2011 What are your classmates saying about the new 180 Madison campus? “The new campus is conveniently located near all modes of transportation. I love it!” “The new campus has more room and it looks much better.” “The building is progressing nicely. I enjoy attending classes here” "I really like the area. It allows me to me hang out with my friends in the city after class!” “I like the modern design of the campus” “The classrooms are properly equipped for student learning” “The crash lounge is cozy and allows me to take a break between classes! DeVry College of New York welcomes its new Provost! Greetings to the DeVry Community! It is with great enthusiasm that I take up my post and the Dean of Academic Affairs and Campus Provost at DeVry College of New York. As an immigrant, growing up and being educated in New York and as an Engineer by education and profession and having held executive posts across many businesses I bring extensive experience in the workplace. My work academically as faculty and as administrator in the last twelve years will also be useful to provide the very best educational experience for our students. I am impressed by the quality of our faculty at DeVry and the dedication of its staff: it is what attracted me here and helped me decide to join the DeVry family. All my friends in industry, once they found out I was coming to work for DeVry, had nothing but good things to say about the school and especially the quality of its graduates. I hope to enhance the educational experience already taking place here. You have my commitment to it. Please write to me any time with your ideas, comments, suggestions, and questions ( You Spoke….We Listened! We value all of our students’ feedback. Here are some recent changes that have been
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