Student Life Essay

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|PROFESSONAL & PERSONAL LIFE | | | |BY - SHIFUR RAHMAN SHAKIL | | | |SEC-03 | |11121047 | |ANNOYING BOSS, COFEE AND LOVE | The most memorable time of a student ‘s life is when a student studies at university. How much energetic,spotenious life is! there are huge opportunity to learn,everithing looks like a dream. The sky, the beauty of a bird, the smile of a baby, the flows of rain, the moonlight night-all gives him/her a new feelings which does not create before. Shamol was a student of Dhaka university. He studied Applied Chemistry and he lived in karwan bazar.When he entered the university he was at stake. He could not understand how he passed the exam. He could not make up his mind how he lived this mega city. There were no relatives, no friends, how boring the life was! But the passing of time,Shamol found himself by enjoying time with his friends.Shamol successfully passed the exam and made good result. When he studied third year, something happened, which change his whole life.Shamol found himself as the happiest man in the world. Everyday Shamol went to the varsity at 8 a.m.But one day ,he become late. He started walking fast. Suddenly he found a young lady who asked him if he had some watea.the girl smiled and said good bye to

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