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Student Discussion Forum User Guide Team A Version 2.1 Table of Contents Chapter 1: Getting Started 1.1 Accessing student website pg. 1.1.1 Website URL 1.1.2 Username and Password 1.2 Using the Forum 1.2.1 Setting Preferences 1.2.2 Time Zone 1.2.3 Class members 1.2.2 Useful Links 1.2.3 Posting to the Forums 1.2.4 Tips and FAQS 1.2.5 Forum Symbols Chapter 2: Course Materials 2.1.1 Class Syllabus 2.1.2 Course Calendar 2.1.3 Student Workshops Chapter 3: Individual Forum 3.1.1 Assignment Feedback 3.1.2 Instructor Communication Chapter 4: Chat Forum 4.1.1 Class check-in 4.1.2 Classmate Discussion Chapter 5: Learning Team Forum 5.1.1 Learning Team Charter 5.1.2 Team Meetings 5.1.3 Team Assignments Chapter 6: Main Forum 6.1.1 Discussion Questions 6.1.2 Participation Requirements 6.1.3 Assignment Information Ch 1: Getting Started Welcome Students! This is your Discussion Forum Guide for the University of Phoenix Student Website. The Discussion Forum is a big part of your learning expierience. It allows you to communicate with your classmates and your instructors anytime and any place. If you have trouble accessing your student account please contact the 24 hour technial support hotline: (1-877-832-4867) E-mail to: 1.1 Accessing Student Website 1.1.1 Website URL 1) Click on your internet browser (ex. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) 2) In your browser click into the *URL box 3) Enter the UOP website *URL: 1.1.2 Username and Password Use your username and password that you

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