Student Codes Of Conduct

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Student Codes of Conduct University of Phoenix goals are for each student to be successful in life and obtain the best education possible. In order for a student to receive this education, they must follow the Student Codes of Conduct that are enforced by the University Of Pheonix. As students, they must be honest and respectful towards others. By being honest, students get a better understanding of where they are going in life and how to use the information they are learning to help reach their goals. In today’s world, so many people feel as though being dishonest will get them ahead in life. Instead, the dishonest person will reap a bad seed and not achieve goals. By being dishonest can lead to arrest, company failures, fines, and even jail time. As individuals, students have the freedom of speech to express ourselves but this must be done in a decent and professional matter. Students must respect others and should allow them to express themselves without causing problems. Student’s carries the name of University Of Pheonix whether on campus or off campus so our conduct must not interfere with others ability to learn. However, if a student conduct is inappropriate, there will be disciplinary action that could cause the student to be expelled from school immediately. An example of misconduct is to threaten or violating a person safety whether verbally, written, or physical harm. In today’s society, threats are taken seriously. Students should never attempt to threat another whether it’s joking or serious. This can take the students focus from school and interferes which their ability to learn. Other examples would include disruptive behavior or hazing. According to School Psychology International, parents’ involvement has helped coordinate the school conduct code and has discouraged bullies and has set behavior expectations within students.
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