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Student Coarse Reflection I believe that the long-term results and value of completing a degree in higher education could open so many more doors in the future. The long-term results of completing my degree will help me break into a completely new field of work. Without a degree in information technology I would never be considered for employment in the computer gaming industry. I always have wanted to pursue work in the field, but could not, because the lack of an education. For many people it is to gain a little more financial freedom, it is somewhat the same by gaining a higher paycheck and able to move up in a company faster it would empower me to achieve more income and allow me a higher standard of living for myself and my family. Many employers seek higher educated people to fill their positions. There was once a time when the employer would train their employees, but with more companies trying to eliminate costs and trying to gain more profits, it is less costly for them to hire people with more education. While seeking work, most of the time we have to apply online for a position, or at a kiosk. When an employer is looking to hire employees they input prerequisites in the computer, like education level. The old days of walking in and meeting with the person doing the hiring are gone, a person may be well qualified to do the job, but are passed up because the computer system looked for people with a certain education level. I have learned from experience and seeing people getting passed up at work for higher positions in the company, because they did not have a degree, even though they were qualified for the position by experience. Most companies believe that a person that has obtained a degree has already gained the skills that will make them better suited for management positions, like using critical thinking, able to keep an open mind while
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