Student Body Leadership Essay

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Okay. Blah. Blah. Blah. People do it for college but that SHOULDN'T be the only reason you're running for ASB. That's super lame but I guess you're like every other student and I suppose it's okay...that's realistic. You should ALSO be doing this because it's important to you. Because you believe you would help improve the school financially through fundraisers and school spirit, etc. Wanting to represent your school and class. Willing to promote and campaign activities and fundraisers in order for your school to succeed. To improve the school because you care about the people in it. To put effort into making your school a better and more fun place to be because you and your friends spend more time at school then home. To be part of a team who wants to improve the school just as much as you.... The list goes on! Goodness, there are several reasons why. =) Why do you want to be on ASB? what's a good answer for that? all i have is... I want to be on ASB to promote school spirit, connect every student with one another, etc... • 3 years ago • Report Abuse Toddy Best Answer - Chosen by Voters You need to do better than that if you really want to be in ASB. I thik a good answer to that is saying you got the potential to be in ASB, and start saying things about you that shows you got the potential qualities to be in it. Remember ASB is leadership, so you need to list some of your leadership qualities if you really want to be in
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