Student-Athletes or Athlete-Students? Essay

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Joseph W. DeRosa Mrs. Breon Dual Credit English IV 9 November 2009 Student-Athletes or Athlete-Students? Thousands of athletes each year walk onto a college campus with the dream of being successful. But this success is not necessarily in the classroom; this goal is on the athletic playing fields that their college offers. These “college students” are supposed to be student-athletes, but in reality they are paid each year for their talents on the field, court, course, etc. These athletic scholarships encourage below average students to become even less focused on academics, and put their top priorities into the sport that they play; therefore, making their title athlete-students instead of student-athletes. College should be primarily to gain further education to prepare a person to enter the real world. Instead, colleges have turned into companies entertaining America with athletics. In recent years, colleges have accepted numerous below average students who are highly talented in their specific sport. The sports that are famous for accepting these athlete-students are football and basketball, with baseball and track not trailing far behind. According to a journal article from the University of Minnesota, written by Dennis Brackin, the U (the University of Minnesota) has had the highest acceptance rate of low-test score and low GPA students. The research shows that in 2006, the U gave scholarships to sixteen football plays who all had less than a fifteen on the ACT test, which is severely below the national average of twenty-one. This statistic is more than Ohio State, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois combined (Brackin 1). More statistics, proven in research shown in the magazine article, “Athletics vs. Academics – Both Sides,” by William C. Friday shows the relationship between college athletes and graduation rates. “The most recent NCAA graduation

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