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SYLLABUS Introduction to Management MGMT 1100-02 & 03 Credit Hours: 4 Semester/Year Fall 2015 Room Location: Pitts 4206 Prerequisites or Other Requirements: none INSTRUCTOR Instructor Name: Professor Susan Walsh Sanderson Office Location: Pitts 2112 Tel. No.: 276-2933 Email Address: Office Hours: M/Thur 10:30 -12 and by appointment Administrative Shelly Samuel Tel. No.: (518) 276-6682 Specialist: Pittsburgh 2116 Email: COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of managerial functions and processes using an interdisciplinary approach. Employing the case method, you will be expected to build and develop fundamental management skills, work effectively in teams, demonstrate leadership skill, communicate effectively, engage in the analysis of complex business situations, and make enlightened decisions based upon reasoned judgments. This is a multidisciplinary course, emphasizing the development of strategies that integrate accounting, financial, economic, marketing, and management considerations. It may help to view this course as having two broad components. First, you will be expected to understand and appreciate the processes and techniques associated with analyzing environmental, industry, and company data in order to identify significant threats, opportunities, organizational capabilities, and strategy alternatives inherent in a specific situation. Second, you will be expected to develop analytical, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills as you attempt to contribute to a group problem solving process. In both of these components, you will develop and expand your knowledge of marketing, management, accounting, finance, organizational behavior, operations, and other disciplines within the

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