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MTV: Benefiting from a Diverse Workforce MTV is an example an example of how diversity can benefit a company. The network’s cross-cultural group discovered marketing opportunities in the U.S. Sunbelt (Southern tier of the U.S.) due to the similarities between North American country music and Latin American music, which appeal to the same audience. This was possible because of MTV’s commitment to diversity. (Dess, Limpkin, Eisner, 2010, p.134) The company’s diversity policies have also enhanced human capital and social capital in the workplace. Human capital is defined as “the individual capabilities, knowledge, skills, and experience of a company’s employees and manager.” (Dess, Limpkin, Eisner, 2010, p.122) With a diverse range of employees in a company, each individual that comes from a different culture, background, and ethnicity brings more ideas to the table. For example, an employee who is from a Hispanic background will have more knowledge and insight about Spanish culture and what appeals to the Hispanic community. Thanks to MTV’s diversity policy they a have a workforce that is not one dimensional, which adds to the company’s human capital. Social capital also enhanced through diversity and is defined as “the network of friendship and working relationships between talented people both inside and outside the company.” (Dess, Limpkin, Eisner, 2010, p.122) With diversity in the workplace social capital is also enhanced. Employees can learn a lot of each other through their different experiences, this allows them to share ideas, build stronger relationships and come up with innovative ideas. For example, MTV would have discovered the new market in the Sunbelt, if the team of diverse employees did not share their insight and knowledge about the matter with each

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