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Working Hard at Being Fair By Name: Tyrone A. Marshall Institution: Our Lady of the Lake University Base on the LMX model, how would you describe Jenny’s leaderhip? In today's world, it's almost impossible to treat everyone fair. I don't entirely agree with Jenny leadership style, but it has its benefits. Such as, everyone show mutual respect for one another and enjoy going to work. Jenny could improve her interpersonal skills and take a chance inviting her workers into her life. Graen and Unl-Bien (1991) suggested that leadership making develops progressively over time in three phases: (1) the stranger phase, (2) the acquaintance phase, and (3) the mature partnership phase (pp. 167) How do you think the employees at City Mortgage respond to Jenny? Jenny is during an excellent job making the employees feel comfortable with her leadership. The open door policy is a good practice to building strong relationship. Her outlook on social lunching could send mix signals to her employee. She will be viewed as to distance and not less concern in getting to know the employee's personality. Others may see her as fair because she practice the behavior with all employee's including her best friend. I think Jenny should make the ignition effort to get to know her employee personal level. People who have progressed to this stage in their relationship experience a high degree of mutual trust, respect, and the obligation toward each other. (pp. 167) If you were asked to follow in Jenny’s footsteps, do you think you could or would want to manage City Mortgage with a similar style? Jenny is on the right track to becoming a great leader, but at this time she will need to focus on developing her interpersonal skills. In terms of management, Jenny brought attention to the team to complete their work in a timely manager. I would apply some
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