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Uniforms, good or bad? Uniforms are different and unique, and are worn everyday by students. But uniforms always have that one puzzling question that comes with them, are they good or are they bad? There are many advantages and disadvantages to the uniforms, but it is a reasonable idea, and these ideas will point out how. Uniforms are supposed to make a student realize that they are in school. Like how a dad would go to work in “work clothes” a student would go to school in “work clothes.” If a student realizes that they are going to school then they will take a more serious approach to school. And if students take a more approach to school they will pay attention and listen more, allowing them to do well in school, which will allow them to succeed in their future. Most people spend their time in the morning picking out what they are going to wear. This time can be saved though with uniforms. And this saved time can be used for studying in the morning or spending time with the family before everybody goes off in their day. Money is a problem in this economy but with uniforms parents don’t need to over stress with money on clothes. School uniforms are a bargain. They are less expensive than many other clothes. Schools say that school uniforms are economical, especially compared to designer clothing, and parents agree at the durability of the uniforms. They say school uniforms last longer because they are made for repeated wash and wear. Also parents can get used school uniforms at discount prices, or just use them as hand-me-downs between siblings. Uniforms are a wonderful way to help our schools be schools. They help with money for clothes, save time in the morning, and makes school a good environment for students. Uniforms are what are going to make progress in our

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