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9/20/2014 What role did the great depression play in the rise of fascism and World War 2? After World War one, Economic struggle was very intense. Every Major European Bank was Nearly bankrupt. Only the United states and Japan Came out of the war I a better place Economically. Many Democracies Formed, but many of the citizens had little to no experience dealing with the representative government. When no accurate decision was made for leadership, Parties formed a political Coalition Government, which was formed in many country's. Germany faced Inflation because of the blame they took after the war. And most of this Inflation was because that current German Government agreed to sign the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles places the majority of the blame of the world war on Germany. Germany was forced to limit weapons, give up territory, and pay reparations. After failed attempts on Economic stability Adolf Hitler Pledged to return Germany to its former glory by removing the Treaty. After the stock market crashed and the depression began in America The world had to respond to the crises created afterwords. The depression itself challenged Democracies greatly Due to this challenge it was weakened. And fascism rose with Benito Mussolini coming to power. During such a depression, many people supported his criticisms of the capitalist economy. Because he was able to harbor enough followers and then votes during an election--he was able to turn Italy fascist. The same happened for Hitler In

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