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Student Employment Check Sheet STEP 1: Become “Payroll Ready” so that you can start working • Social Security Number* • W-4 ** (Complete and take in person with identification to • I-9 ** (Debi Cuccia in Student Payroll/Executive Building STEP 2: Get entered into JASON so that you can record your hours electronically • Confidentiality Agreement take or send to Judy O’Neill • this Check Sheet Complete and take to Leslie Berning in Mudd 110 STEP 3: Complete online course [ a Federal requirement ] • Workplace Harassment Prevention on-line course *** ▪ Go to: ▪ Select the option to REGISTER NOW on the right side of the screen. ▪ Enter this institution registration code: 0408-1175-XY12 ▪ Create a username, provide information for a user profile, and go to your email to retrieve a password to enter the site. ▪ Click the "Workplace Harassment Prevention" button ▪ Select "Workplace Harassment Prevention 113" Questions? Student Employment Handbook employment policy handbook.pdf * International students will need to wait for an email from International Education. But complete the other forms now. ** If you have worked previously at Willamette, you are already in the payroll system and may skip these forms. *** Must be completed every 12 calendar months by every employee After the Student Payroll office has enrolled you in the system, Leslie will use the information on this Check Sheet to set up your AGSM on-line time sheet in JASON. Student Name__Udaykiran Pottabathula______ Student I.D. Number_____2164215__________ 1st year student at AGSM_____ or 2nd year student at AGSM

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