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KITS KIDS MALL Proposer:WEI, KENG Introduction Despite measures that have been introduced to try and control population growth within Asia, recent research predicts that by 2050 there will be an additional one billion people within the region. Coupled with a rapidly growing middle class demographic with access to capital and an appetite to educate their children and provide the best environment for them, it’s no surprise to see many international retailers focus on Asia youngsters’ market to try and secure future growth. However, while these macro-trends may indicate a positive outlook, there are few or no example across the region of malls for young generation to attract consumers. The purpose of this report is to provide a consolidated vision and mission statement for the KITS KIDS MALL together with an integrated set of strategies to achieve the vision in area such as the mall’s involved organization, characteristics, business model, marketing and public relations, and Investment & Return Expected. Project Description n Land ownership---Shanghai municipal government n Project authority---public n The project concept/vision --- the place used to be a recreation center, but now we want to change it into a kid’s mall. n Anticipated project opening date---about one year later in 2014. Involved organization n Organization and affiliation to the project. Shanghai Mingjie is the long term tenant of the whole project, Shanghai MQ Enterprise Management Co.,Ltd is a commercial operating company which will be the operator. MQ is a joint venture with Mingjie. To successfully operate such a kid’s mall, we think we should specially organize a development and operation team including us, an investor and a famous kids brand like Hello Kitty. n The reason MQ are involved in this proposal. As the economics develop rapidly, parents are willing to spend money on

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