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Big Car Makers, Car Industry In the last few years there is a big change of thinking how should a car looks like and how much gas should a car consume. The gas is more expensive than ever and thus people want cars that don’t need much gas, are handy and efficient. This is the biggest reason why the American car producers like General Motors, Chrysler and Ford was in troubles and needed the help of the government of the United States. These companies learned from their mistakes and are now producing cars with more gas saving engines. The European and Asian car producers were also in troubles, but not more than the Americans, because they are producing more cars with lower gas consumption and have also a bigger variation of small cars. In the other side in the United States of America it’s more a shame when you drive a Smart or Mini, they want bigger cars like SUV’s and Pick-Up’s. United States of America is also the country that produced the most cars in the world. Followed from Germany, which has Marks like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche and Opel. The third country should be Japan, which has one of the biggest car producers Toyota located. South Korea, United Kingdom, Italy and France are the other countries that have important car marks. In the 21th Century the car producers are in many countries located or overtakes other car producers. Just in Europe Volkswagen produces in Germany, Austria, Italy, France and in United Kingdom, because they have overtaken marks like Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti and so on. The Car Producers are very important for the economy of the countries. They employs Million of peoples directly and not directly. Employees, which work in the factories or in the administration of the Car Producers, are employs directly from the Car Producers Company. Not directly are the employees that works for the Car

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