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GCSS-A (Global Combat Support System- Army) Julius Mitchell INF 630: Systems Analysis Professor: Caroline Budwell January 13 2014 The today’s public and private sectors, organizations are maximizing the application of information systems as a means of achieving strategic competitive advantage. Information technology have become fully integrated into business functions such as finance, maintenance, accounting, human resource management, transportation, intelligence, operations management, and many other business functions. Today, information systems have become essential components which are detrimental to the success of an organization. For this paper we will define a system as in its “simplest form as a set of interrelated components, with a clearly defined boundary, working together to achieve a common set of objectives (O’Brien, & Marakas, 2011).” Based on this definition, one surmises that practically every operation is a system which can be composed of other systems; that” information systems can be an organized combination of people, hardware, software, communication networks, data resources, and policies and procedures that stores, retrieves, transforms, and disseminates information in an organization (O’Brien, & Marakas, 2011).” The United States Army operates as a system, which is composed of several interrelated organizations that retrieves, stores, transforms, and disseminates information critical to achieving success on the battlefield. At the lowest level of the organization, the Army deploys and employs the use of STAMIS”s (Standard Army Management Information Systems). The U.S. Army’s retail-level logistics and maintenance systems are versions of STAMIS’s which are used to requisition, process, and track all of the ammunition, equipment, parts, maintenance, and resources the Army requires to sustain its war-fighting functions.

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