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Chances and Regenerations in Lives in Moon Palace INTRODUCTION Moon Palace is the novel by Paul Auster was first published in 1989. The story was about three men in three different generations whose relationships are grandfather, father and son but having the similar lives. Three characters in the novel were struggling in their lives and suffer from failures. Chances have shown in their lives when they have gone through failures. Regenerations happened when the characters gone through all their sufferings and chances. The main character Marco Fogg liked his father Solomon Barber was raise without having a father. This seems to be a major impact on their personalities both in Macro and Solomon’s lives. Throughout the novel, Auster provided a number of key scenes in which main character Marco Fogg was struggled to earn a living in New York City, and how he was struggled again every time after he see hopes in his life. Similar failures also happened in Marco’s father Solomon’s life, for example, Auster provideed a number of scenes when these three generations were struggling, luck and chances would show up in their lives. For example, when Marco was shelter in the Central Park and became very ill after a storm, he was rescue by his friends Zimmer and his cousin Kitty Wu. Marco and Kitty got together after Marco was recovered. This happen in Marco’s life as a special luck, he seems these two as the God to him during his struggle. He described their staring as “the eye of God” (Auster 70). Struggles has happen in there different generations, but luck and chances have happened as well. Life is full with failures and struggle, but life also full with chances. These seem to be the human experiences that happen in everybody in everyday life. THESIS The theme of failure and poverty is common throughout the novels of Paul Auster but luck and chances are

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