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------------------------------------------------- Essay 21.11.12 Rahel Germann Structure: 1. Introduction 2. Body -A) Students abilities are best fostered in seperated classes +A1) - Major interests and strengths are most visible at the age of 14 onwards. - IQ of pupils in low ability classes reduces -B) Demanding topics for further education can be taught best in seperated classes +B1) - Best ranked Pisa countries in Scandanavia do not separate student - Social competence also belongs to a complete academic education - C) An academic career is still possible with further training + C1) If you are once in a school or in a job you stay there 3. Conclusion Since I started my teaching career in Switzerland for Secondary School One I have come across many different opinions about teaching in mixed or separated classes. An experience during my first attempt in teaching changed my perspective on that matter completely. There, I was confronted with fourteen-year-old pupils whose abilities ranged from low to advanced level. Although preparation time for material and teaching itself were quite exhausting, the atmosphere in class was unforgettable. There was a real community in which actual learning could take place. Thus it is my contention that children should not attend different schools depending on their academic ability but should be taught in mixed ability schools and classes. One frequent argument in favour of selective schools which is put forward by Swiss education ministers is that student abilities are best fostered in classes where only advanced students are taught. However, as neurobiologists’ research has shown, the major scolarly interests and strengths do not start to develop before the age of fourteen. Nowadays in Switzerland, pupils are put into different ability classes at the age of twelve. Taking that into account,

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