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sCurrency: Euro (€) Exports Italy’s main trading partners are Germany, France, USA, Spain, UK and Switzerland. Nearly 50% of all of Italy’s exports go to these countries. Italy’s main imports include machinery and transport equipment, miscellaneous items such as clothing, accessories, footwear, furniture etc. They also export manufactured goods such as steel, rubber, leather paper etc. Italy exported 448.4 billion dollars (US) worth of goods last year. This was the seventh most in the entire world. Imports Italy’s main imports include engineering products, chemicals, transport equipment, energy products, minerals and nonferrous metals, textiles and clothing; food, beverages, and tobacco. Italy mainly imports commodities and adds value to them by manufacturing them. Italy imported approximately 473.1 billion dollars (US) worth of goods last year. This was also the seventh most in the world. The imports and exports are approximately the same which proves there is no trade deficit in Italy. Major Companies The largest industrial company in Italy is called Eni. Eni is an oil and gas company. Their oil production comes primarily from Libya, Egypt, Nigeria and Congo. Eni also operates in the supply, transport, distribution and sales of natural gas. Another major company in Italy is Fiat. Fiat is actually an acronym which stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino which means Italian Automobile Factory of Turin. Fiat is the number one car making company in Italy. Fiat based cars and built in a variety of factories around the world including Brazil, Poland and Argentina. Joint venture operations are found in China, India, France Russia and several other countries including Italy. The largest insurance company in Italy is called Assicurazioni Generali or the Generali Group. It is one of the most significant participants in the global insurance and

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