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COMM 2311: Oral Communication Assignment 4 Group Research Presentation (20%= 15% Group PP in class, 5% Written Presentation) Purpose of Assignment • The purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to deliver a group presentation on a research topic. Objectives • The student will be able to deliver an interesting and entertaining group presentation on a topic of his choosing • The student will understand and demonstrate the criteria necessary for a group presentation • The student will be able to identify arguments supporting and opposing an issue • The student will be able to compare and contrast arguments for and against an issue • The student will increase his confidence in public speaking Instructional Media: Tools and Resources • Students will be shown several examples of group presentations in class. They will be given the opportunity one week before the assignment is due to practice their talks in class. Possible Assignment Topics Your group will choose one of the topics listed below. You should then become familiar with it as soon as possible and start researching it in books, magazines, newspapers, and on the internet. 1. Fossil Fuels vs Renewable Energy 2. Living in Riyadh vs London 3. Education System in USA vs KSA 4. Capitalism vs Socialism 5. Beatles vs Mozart 6. Democracy vs Dictatorship 7. United Nations vs European Union 8. High Fiber Diet vs High Protein Diet 9. Conventional vs Non-Conventional Warfare Requirements PowerPoint Presentation 1. Time limit of 15 minutes 2. Group members must participate in the oral presentation equally 3. Maximum group size of 3 students 4. Up to 9 slides with a few points on each slide 5. Prepare attractive slides that add to your presentation 6. Explain each bullet point on each of your slides

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