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What is the value of literature? Enjoyment 1st Value; entertainment can be educational; children identify with characters Narrative as a Way of Thinking We remember events in stories and use them to relate judgements Imagination Children love to explore details and books that pique their curiosity/cause them to think Vicarious Experience Literature can help children see the world differently and feel connected with others as they share good/bad times together Insight into Human Behavior Enables reader to understand things about life/relationships they previously hadn't thought about; shows they how others have lived and "become" Universality of Experience Literature asks questions about the meaning of life and our relationships with nature and other people; The Meaning and Value of Literature Ideals and aspirations of a nation are expressed in its literature. They are enriched in the immortal works of its great writers and poets for the future generation to read and admire. A nation that has no literature of its own that it can be proud of, has nothing to offer to the world. The glorious past of the country, its present hopes, fears and struggles, and its aspirations for the future will all be found reflected in its literature. The writers and poets who produce this literature are the ambassadors of that nation ---ambassadors for the whole world. This is the place of pride that the literature of the country holds for it. The poorest country is the one which has a poor literature. One test of good literature is that it must have universal interest and a lasting value. A few songs written to be sung at a party or for a film will not form part of the country’s literature. They have only a temporary interest and not much intrinsic worth. On the other hand, folk songs of a country would make good literature if they were collected and printed in a book form. These songs

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