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Summary In Marion Jacobs’ article (21 November 2010), she states some reasons why the government should not slash funding for universities. Firstly, in economic terms, Jacobs believes that university-educated people can make more revenue for the government. In addition, she claims that universities can be beneficial to the economy at a local level. In terms of society, Jacobs argues that university graduates who possess unique thinking skills can benefit society in many ways. Furthermore, according to Jacobs, graduates such as doctors, teachers and engineers also can bring benefit to society. Finally, she believes that highly-educated people have a healthy body and lower crime rate. Discussion Jacobs’ argument that countries need more university-educated people is sensible. University graduates play a very important role in modern society. Through academic study, university students develop their unique skills that make them can analyse situations, think logically, and solve problems. For example, in the global market, companies like more workers with well-developed thinking skills because they can make the right decision in some cases. According to Jacobs’ article, in general, university graduates can more money than high school leavers, because highly-educated people can do more professional work that make people can earn more. More income also means government can get more tax from university graduates. One possible weakness of Jacobs’ opinion is that university graduates are healthier than the rest of the population. She believes that is because graduates have more exercise and healthy diet. It would be stretching a point to say high educated people can live longer. Firstly, there is also no reliable evidence. Secondly, a health body is decided by the environment, personal habits and the gene. There is not too strong relationship between education level

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