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Background information Have you ever dreamed of being a spy or undercover agent like Laughing Gor? Have you ever thought of how to be good and effective at this role? If the answers are yes, this booklet will surely help, as it can give some general suggestions. Such profession seems to be cool in the movies and TV dramas, as portrayed by famous actors like LEUNG Chiu-wai in the movie “Internal Affairs” and TSE Tin-wah who played “Laughing Gor”. However, in reality, a spy has to sustain heavy pressure or even personal risks. Thus, it is very important to understand the role of a spy psychologically. To do so, we will demonstrate the application of three core psychological concepts: (I) Managing Yourself, (II) Connecting with people, and (III) Adapting to Environment. In our booklet, we will use Laughing Gor as an illustration, since the drama demonstrates many difficult scenarios faced by a spy in different circumstances. Who is Laughing Gor? Laughing Gor, originally named as Leung Siu Tong (梁笑棠), is a famous character in two Hong Kong dramas, namly E.U. - The Academy III (學警狙擊) and Lives of Omission (潛行狙擊). In these dramas, he is sent by the police as a spy to act as a member of triad and conduct spying operations. His mission is to become a gang leader, gather incriminating evidence, and report this information to police. To carry out his mission, he faces several difficult problems. 1. Managing himself: a. How to handle stress from his relatives and friends? b. How to maintain of his original value? 2. Connecting with people: a. How to get the trust from other triad members? b. How to lead his followers? 3. Adapting to Environment a. How to learn as quickly as possible in the new triad environment? b. How to organise his information obtained well and in a secret way? We will analyse the

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