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Vera Tanner 9/15/2009 Typed Draft: Life/Being A Student Mr. Hempel My beliefs have influenced live life day-to-day, enjoying it as much and as often as possible. They have also influenced me to be tolerant of others beliefs whether they have them or not. Is there a meaning to life? I’m not sure. That’s what makes it so much fun. I think going to school is all about pleasing yourself, being proud of your wok and actually learning a thing or two- all things that I strive to do daily. I know life is precious. That’s why I don’t hypothesize about its meaning. It’s an unanswerable question: “What is the meaning to life?” that I find I can’t and don’t really care to answer. Maybe there is no meaning, there is just life. Maybe we live just because we can and we stay alive because we want to and create more life because we seek company in order to make it more enjoyable. Delight is an essential facet of life, and I live by the phrase “don’t do whatever you like, but like whatever you do.” Grief should also be experienced so one can understand to appreciate the happier times, making those times even more jovial. Of course, miserable experiences aren’t to be sought out, but they are bound to happen some time. It’s okay to be confused and to falter from time to time, but I know not to lose my courage, because that’s what it takes to live a fulfilling life. Being a student has been a large part of my life. Unfortunately, many students are under the misconception that they go to school to get food grades to appease their parents and get into college. That isn’t me. I believe school is their to improve our life. As a student I should try to succeed and strive to be proud of myself and what I’m capable of. I can’t feel this sensation without integrity and enough self-respect to do my own work. I don’t wake up early and take the bus to school just

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