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The Four Different Receptive Learning Styles Team A Everest University The Four Different Receptive Learning Styles A learning style is a person’s preferred manner of acquiring, using, and thinking about knowledge (Feldman, 2011). There are four different receptive learning styles. They are Read/Write, Visual/Graphic, Auditory/Verbal, and Tactile/Kinesthetic. As a team we all researched these learning styles and learned how and why these styles assist us in learning new information. The read/write learning style is a style that involves a preference for material in a written format, favoring reading over hearing and touching (Feldman, 2011). Students who prefer this method for learning can benefit greatly from writing out summaries, highlighting, and underlining written material. The act of writing out notes will help keep this information in the student’s head. When a student takes what they are reading and writes them down they are putting the information into their own words furthering the ability for them to retain the information easily. When you have a read/write learning style you benefit most from learning aids such as textbooks and personal notes, where as a student with the preferred visual/graphic learning style benefits best by using pictures and graphs. A visual/graphic learner uses visual techniques to remember things. It is a lot easier for students with this learning style to learn by seeing what they are being taught. Using graphs, maps and visual presentations over reading a book and taking down notes helps them learn the information easier. Flash cards are also a common way for a visual/graphic learner to memorize information. There is more than one type of visual learning styles. There is a nonverbal visual learner who prefers to organize information through maps, graphs, charts and other graphic devices. A verbal visual learner

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