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What is the dominant impression we get of Parris? Not only he, but all people of Salem consider children as young adults who should know the manners. They have no right for freedom. Paris is so much worried about his reputation. He has fears that he might be dismissed from his job. He has the beginning of paranoia. He is the first person we see paranoid. He has job insecurity. It is based on his sense that there are people who are against him. He is not confident that he does not know the demands of his job. He is not sure of his skills. He is very much afraid about his reputation as it is very much related to his job. He can maintain his job only if he can retain his reputation. As other characters get involved in the conversation, we come to know what kind of relation is between these characters. Through the conversation we discover the kind of relation between them whether they are friendly, helpful to each other, or they have grudges= feeling to do harms to others- it is similar to malice- spite – envy- jealousy- in their hearts= strong feeling of taking revenge, grievance= to be hurt by others, misbehaved, harmed by others. Enter Mrs. Ann Putnam. She is a twisted soul of forty-five, a death-ridden woman, haunted by dreams. Parris, as soon as the door begins to open: No - no, I cannot have anyone'. He sees her, and a certain deference springs into him, although his worry remains. Why, Goody Putnam, come in. Mrs. Putnam, full of breath, shiny-eyed: It is a marvel. It is surely a stroke of hell upon you. Ann Putnam is 45- but she looks elder. She is sick. We do not see any freshness in her. Parris wants privacy. He does not want anyone to enter the room. He wants to avoid anybody knowing the situation. Although he does not want anybody in, he lets her in. she tells him that God is angry with him It is surely a stroke of hell upon you. It is

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