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Recruiting Beyond the Job Description Special Guest: Heather Kinzie Host: James Thomas Follow us on Twitter! @talenttechcorp Twitter Hashtag: #HeatherOnRecruiting Today’s Speakers Speaker: Heather Kinzie, SPHR, GPHR Human capital consultant and owner of A Leading Solution ( President, Anchorage SHRM (ASHRM) Host: James Thomas VP Marketing, Talent Technology Twitter Hashtag: #HeatherOnRecruiting Welcome From Talent Technology Provider of TalemetryTM, a suite of talent generation solutions for today’s recruiting challenges •! •! Servicing •! systems for clients annually sourced through our and integrations with key talent services, social networks, job boards and recruiting software systems •! •! of innovation and acquisitions in recruiting technology industry Deep client service track record with •! Twitter Hashtag: #HeatherOnRecruiting Problem: A Hire Does NOT = A Great Hire! Increases Recruiter Workload Leave Within 1 Year Poor Hires Cost Money! Candidate Misalignment = Job Dissatisfaction Reduces Productivity 50% Less Productive Affects Other Employees Twitter Hashtag: #HeatherOnRecruiting Heather’s Webinar Agenda •! Why job descriptions at all? •! The problem with job descriptions •! Looking beyond the perfect world •! Five steps to understanding jobs •! Making it work Twitter Hashtag: #HeatherOnRecruiting Job Descriptions! What’s the point? •! •! •! •! Twitter Hashtag: #HeatherOnRecruiting The Problems with Job Descriptions! !they don’t accurately describe the job: •! •! •! •! •! Outdated or non-existent Written for a perfect world Knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) are too broad Irrelevant minimum qualifications Not written by person who did the work Twitter Hashtag: #HeatherOnRecruiting Audience Poll: How Helpful Are Your Job

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