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Politics and Manipulation Claudia Mills In recent political campaigns politicians have been accused of negative advertising, pandering to popular views and prejudices and flat out lying. Most of these fall under the general terms of manipulation. Politicians manipulate others in an attempt to influence them in order to gain support for their election vote and agendas. This manipulation can be targeted at the individual’s external needs and choices, or aimed at their internal subjective feelings toward a given situation. Mills prefers to use the tem manipulation to convey the actions of targeting the internal and subjective choices of the individual, and coercion to explain the external forces applied to a situation in order to produce an intended result. She further goes on to say that “nothing in itself is morally unacceptable about proposing to alter the external features of someone else’s choice situation.” However, actions such as causing physical harm are condemned, while actions such as not voting for me may prohibit me from pushing funding your way may be dependent on the moral norms for this type of process. Another example often accepted are political favors such as appointments that are extended to candidates supporters after an election win. When appealing to the internal or subjective features of a person’s choice, a candidate will target that person or group’s beliefs, desires, goals, plans, preferences and values. The message is conveyed through doorbell ringing, strategic media leaks and hand shaking in an attempt to gain the support of the individual or group. During this process, the goal is to convince the audience that there are no other qualified candidates. The worldly issues are not the topics addressed, but rather the attention is placed on the targeted individual or group in an effort to change their minds and win their hearts. To

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