Stuart Parrnel's Dilemma Case

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The government needs to be stricter when it comes to product inspections. 2 weeks ago Georgia Peanut company were caught selling salmonella-infested peanut butter to the public. according to the CBS news article on the subject, “Former peanut corporation of America owner, Stewart Parnell was convicted on numerous counts including conspiracy, wire fraud and obstruction of justice related to shipping tainted peanut butter to customers.”. Stewart Parnell knew about the tainted peanuts, but shipped it to customers anyway. The peanuts failed the safety inspection and Parnell made an effort to hide the evidence. In 2012, the multinational financial services corporation was fined $112.5 million for violating consumer protection laws. According to…show more content…
The solution to the problem is to prevent injury by removing the source of the hazard by stopping supply; by removing the source of the hazard by stopping supply of the product, offering consumers a remedy in the form of repair, replacement or refund and warning consumers of the hazard. One solution to getting rid of tainted goods in stores is to report them to a consumer protection agency. The FDA, ACCC, and the state consumer protection offices (if you live in colorado) will all help the public by inspecting the suspicious goods and recalling them if necessary. The consumer protection agencies will make sure they are safe for the customers consumption. You can conduct a successful recall yourself by telling consumer directly by: issuing media releases, ads on T.V. or radio, displaying recall notices in stores and websites, and announcing recall on social networks like facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. Telling the consumers is a very effective method of consumer protection. It addresses the problem pretty quickly and keeps the public safe. A solution to the Amex problem would be to temporarily shut down their company since they can’t handle being truthful to consumers based on their false advertising about the Blue Sky program. Temporarily shutting down the company would address the problem by making Amex realize what they are doing to consumers isn’t okay. The government has a federal agency called the Division of Advertising Practices that need to monitor advertisements more carefully because the government needs to stop these crimes immediately.The government should step up solving these crimes faster because Georgia Peanuts was selling salmonella-infested peanut butter to the public for MONTHS before the government did anything. Amex was scamming people for 9 YEARS before the government found

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