Stryker Corporation Case

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Paper Abstract: This paper examines Stryker Corporation in view of Porter's Generic Strategy and five of the value drivers in the Gothenburg Paradigm--brand strength, research and development, product development, product and process innovation, and product mix. Paper Introduction: Stryker Corporation Generic Strategies and Value Drivers The Stryker Corporation is a prominent company in the drugs cosmetics and health care industry that develops manufactures andmarkets surgical and medical products in the Orthopaedic Implants andMedSurg Equipment segments Stryker Corporation-Company ProfileSnapshot It also provides physical occupational and speech therapyservices through a network of outpatient physical therapy centers in states and the District of Columbia with operations in the UnitedStates Europe Japan and other foreign countries Stryker Corporation Company Profile Snapshot This paper will Text of the Paper: The entire text of the paper is shown below. However, the text is somewhat scrambled. We want to give you as much information as we possibly can about our papers and essays, but we cannot give them away for free. In the text below you will find that while disordered, many of the phrases are essentially intact. From this text you will be able to get a solid sense of the writing style, the concepts addressed, and the sources used in the research paper. Medical Devices & Surgical Technology Week, Aug 27, 329. By engaging in extensive research and development, as well asproduct development, and product and process innovation, Stryker has made aname for itself as a company that pushes the envelope in medical productsand provides the newest technology. Retrieved on October 8, 2 6 from:'s Generic Strategies. Stryker commissioned HarrisInteractive to survey patients about their most salient concerns regardingknee
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