Struggling To Succeed With A Learning Disability

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Having a learning disability does not set one student apart from any other student aiming for a higher education. Children start school at a young age, to gain knowledge of society and the world that we live in. As a young child, I was diagnosed with a learning disability that hinders my ability to succeed. Due to my particular learning disability I process information slower than most people; I always have to take a moment to think before being able to answer any question. To this day, my learning disability is what sets me apart form the other students in class; whether it be me having accommodations or needing extra help. Though I have this learning disability, it is what motivates me to do better in class. My earliest memory of having difficulties in school was during the beginning of elementary school, when we were learning how to read the days of the week and the months. All of the other students were grasping the concepts that the teacher was covering in class, while I was behind. I kept confusing the days of the week and forgetting there order. I was just a child, so it never occurred to me that I might have had a learning disability, and continued to struggle by myself in class. It was not until some time after my first year of schooling, that an elderly woman who worked in the school with children with disabilities approached me. She said to me, "Please sit down so we can get to know each other better". At first I did not know what to expect of her, and chose to listen to what she told me to do. I sat down and we chatted for a while and then began to play some games, which were to test my memorization, analytical thinking, and comprehension skills to verify that I did in fact have a learning disability. In the past, I was ashamed of being called a "special student", because it made me feel like an outcast in the school. I barely had any friends and

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