Struggling to Remember Memories

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Both from the Past and Present Abstract This paper explores four published articles that report on results from research due to memory. Memory is a very important element when it comes to everyday life, such as how and why we tend to remember certain things and the others that we forget. In these four articles and readings they discuss of the brain works and how memory play a significant role in our lives. This paper examines the research done to relate how the brain works and how it deals with memory loss relationship. This can also have a major effect due to Amnesia, it can affect recollection of experiences occurring either following to the appearance of the disorder, memory loss.113 While the hippocampus and other structures in the medial temporal lobe mediate the consolidation and storage of new memories and that it seems like if some error in memory did occur, it would be in these areas of the brain Keywords: Memory, Amnesia, Hippocampus Struggling to Remember Memories Both from the Past and Present Why is it so difficult to remember? The brain gathers, processes, and stores information in a number of ways. When we perceive something, a set of cells in our brain is triggered in a specific sequence. If not fully pursued, the perception fades and the cells return to their original state (1). However if the thought or perception is ‘entertained,’ the cells interact, forming a network of communication and signal transmission. The set of cells becomes a memory engram; a neuronal network representing encoded fragments of past experiences. “The set of cells with facilitated synapses is now the anatomical correlate to the memory (1).” Recollection of an event or rather activation of an engram can occur via a stimulus to any of the parts of the brain where a neural connection for the memory exists. Once the engram is activated the hippocampus facilitates

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