Struggling Through Steretypes Essay

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“When we typecast the world… we are only revealing the embarrassing facts about the pictures that hang in the gallery of stereotypes in our own heads” (Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments) preaches Robert L. Heilbroner. The 36 hour film Crash, directed in 2004 by Paul Haggis taking place in the cold streets of Los Angeles, portrays to its viewers that we shouldn’t let stereotypes warp our judgments. Stereotypes are the belief that all members of a certain group are the same and in the film, many characters discriminate each other by thinking about, or acting towards one another based on differences. Throughout the motion picture, many characters deal with a variety of stereotypes and they suffer through it, but ultimately the ones struggling most are Daniel and Farhad because both are prejudged and have families to take care of. Daniel is often prejudged and labeled as a ‘thug’, but he continuously humbles himself through all of his tough challenges. Various characters initially label Daniel, and presume he is a gang member, jumping to conclusions. For instance, Jean labels Daniel as a “gangbanger with prison tattoos” and assumes he would break into her house after fixing her locks. In addition, Daniel experiences prejudgment when he attempts to explain to the Iranian store owner Farhad, that he must change his doors. Farhad speculates that Daniel has an evil scheme to break into his store. However, even though Daniel notices and understands that he is being labeled in both situations, he still holds his composure and walks away from both conflicts like the humble man he is. Although Daniel is a victim of racism, he does not allow the stereotypes of today’s society to categorize him as a bad person. He is a hardworking man who truly defines the meaning of a breadwinner. Daniel possesses the skills needed to work a job and provide the best for his family.

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