Struggle Between Paganism And Christianity Essay

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The struggle between Paganism and Christianity in Beowulf The struggle between Paganism and Christianity is very complex. People were very into Paganism before there was Christianity. Paganism is an “Earth-based” or “Nature-based” religion. Pagans are very close with nature and everything that has to do with the environment. They strongly believe in spirits and spirits are the reason things happened when they did. When Christians who were apart of Christianity believed that God himself was the reason for everything. Pagans thought that their ancestors simply resided in the wind, water, fire, and anything thing else that was a strong source in nature. To Pagans forces of nature and spirits were their gods and goddesses. Unlike in Christianity where people believe and worship one God, Pagans believed and worshipped many. They wore a pentacle as a sign of their belief in paganism, where Christians wear a cross to remind them that their Lord died on the cross for them. A pentacle is a five-pointed star with a circle in the center. The five points represent the five elements fire, water, air, spirit, and earth. In Beowulf the quote “Shield had a son, child for his yard, sent by God to comfort the people”(Beowulf episode 3) they believed God sent them the son to relieve them of all their worries. Unlike Pagans who believe that spirits send them people other things, Christians believed that God did everything for a reason. “So Hrothgar decided he would build a mead-hall, the greatest the world had ever seen, or even imagined. There he would share out to young and old alike all that God gave him” (Beowulf part 2) Hrothgar was obviously a Christian because he thought God gave him all his finer things in life. He thought God was the reason all the good things were happening to him. One example of paganism is “Beowulf's last request to Hrothgar, to replace him and to

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