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Structure of the Main Body Tissues Essay

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Structure of the main body tissues
Epithelial Tissue
Epithelial tissue’s normally sits on the basement membrane. They are also tightly crowded cells together which have a small amount of intercellular substance. The two types of this tissue are simple and compound.
Columnar epithelium
These are usually found lining main organs such as the stomach and intestine. Columnar are columned shaped and elongated, and hold a variety of cells, such as goblet cells which secrete a mucus substance which keeps the surface smooth. They also have cells where in digestion where some products can be absorbed.

Cuboidal epithelium
Secretion and absorption are a main part of Cuboidal. This lies on the bottom of the membrane, and is closely fitted together. They are found in the lining of glands in the kidneys and in the ducts of the glands.   Female ovaries and male testes also have cuboidal epithelium as they produce germinal epithelium making egg cells and sperm cells.

Ciliated Epithelium
These are located in the uterine tubes and lining of the respiratory passages. They also have small hairs called cilia, these help move along substances down tubes and passages. This is good with the respiratory passages as it pushes mucus to the throat, also in the uterine tubes is moves the ova to the uterus.  

Squamous Epithelium
This is composed of one layer which consist of flatten cells, this makes a smooth membrane. This gives a flat, smooth thin lining which is inactive for a few parts of the body such as the blood vessels, lymph vessels, in the lungs the alveoli and a main organ the heart.

Simple tubular glands
Simple tubular glands are cells which open on to the top of surface of the particular organ which is in the form of a single tube. In this kind of gland in the skin forms eccrine and apocrine sweat glands.   Simple tubular glands are located in the large intestine and uterine glands.

These are situated on dry areas...

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