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Structural Therapy: Moe and Wanda Baines Abstract This case study is about a family couple, Moe and Wanda who committed to counseling to improve their marriage and deal with some issues that were hindering communication at their marriage. The study includes a detailed account of the Structural Therapy approach and its effectiveness during the Barnes family’s counseling sessions; a problem-solving approach (Haley, 1976) that is focused, clear, concrete, and directive. The cultural relevance and efficacy of the structural approach supports its appropriateness and selection for the case study’s basis; African-American couple Moe and Wanda Baines. This case study will present the opportunity to highlight the importance of the whole family experience in counseling versus single person counseling as it relates to ethnic populations in the United States. Minuchin’s (1974) structural approach to family therapy, with its focus on the family unit, rather than on the individual, appears to be well-suited for cultural counseling. Minuchin’s awareness of this cultural deprivation in counseling was monumental, and escalated rapidly the need for empirical research and study for low-income and minority families. The apparent need for structural counseling for Moe and Wanda was evident; the lack of individual sub-systems, clear boundaries and ineffective organization. An overview of the treatment will include (Gehart, 2010): the therapist joining the Moe and Wanda system and conforming to their style, forging a union; mapping the family including structures and boundaries, this process will include assessment and review; thirdly the therapist will integrate in the system to redevelop the structure and minimize the failing systems they identified in the initial assessment. ROLE OF A COUNSELOR: The therapist began Moe and Wanda’s

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